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Weight Management

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Let Go of Weight with Hypnotherapy


Let go of weight, don't lose it- Never thought it!

When we talk about losing something like losing your house keys, this implies you need to find them again. However, weight is a different topic; you want to let go of weight instead, and you won't miss it. In other words, let go of old habits, old negative images of your body or childhood trauma that led you into the habit of overeating to cope with life challenges. 

If you have tried every diet, pill, exercise program, read so many books, phone apps, but you are still struggling to let go weight. If you feel upset every time you look in the mirror, avoid shopping because nothing fits you, or you feel out of control, hopeless, helpless, sad, fearful, angry at yourself for being overweight, then you have found what you are looking for.

Why is weight loss so hard?

  • False belief that diets are the only way to achieve weight loss

  • Emotional Eating

  • Negative Mental Programming including self-criticism, self-sabotage, low self-esteem

  • False beliefs like “I will never lose weight” or “all people in my family are overweight” or “I can’t do it” or "It is impossible"


Can Hypnosis Really Help with Weight Loss?

Whatever is the trigger for your eating habits, you really can change the way you think, feel and act about food and still enjoy it. I will work with you to change your mindset so you can take control of when you eat, what you eat and how much you eat.

During the hypnosis you will experience the following:

·Your body and mind will enter into a relaxed state 

·While you are in trance you will be able to receive direction to re-program your relationship with food. 

·You will feel indifferent to sugary, salty, greasy, heavy, processed and artificial food, while naturally being attracted to healthy nutritious, foods like fruits and vegetables.

·You will get confidence and take control back as you will be wise selecting the food your body needs for a perfect balance. 

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