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Hypnotherapy for Teens and Young Children


Nowadays, the planet has so many anxious children in need of help coping or managing the roller coaster of emotions. Conversational hypnotherapy can help them to feel more positive, strong, and confident. They will learn how to deal with stressful emotions; how to relax the body, the mind, and have more control over the negative emotions. Therapy for children is comfortable, fun, focused on moving forward creating a new reality with positive outcomes. I will be teaching them tools to release negative emotions with tapping and breathing techniques.

How does Hypnotherapy for children work?

During the initial assessment and first sessions the child may be asked about their past and current experience of the problem state. As this can be connected with other medical and mental health issues, we will likely ask about any past or current treatments, so we can coordinate with other providers if it is needed.

Areas that may be explored before the hypnotherapy session:

  • Identifying what triggers episodes of the presenting issue.

  • Clearly observing all the physical and emotional symptoms that accompany the problem state, then, listening to the child goals, values and inspirations and create a plan for it.

  • Voice recordings sessions will be provided after the second session, so the child and parent can practice before bed or when it is needed.

  • Qigong classes for emotional release and movement meditation will be included in the package. It will help create a sense of grounding with nature and a sense of belonging. Furthermore, it will also help to raise the child consciousness becoming aware of the power of their thoughts and emotions by being in the present moment rather than dwelling on the past of future.

  • Children’s sessions are usually 30-40 minutes long which is reflected in a reduced rate.

Hypnotherapy can help children and young people having issues with:

  • Sleep problems

  • Exam nerves

  • Fostering and adoption issues

  • Grief and loss

  • Shyness and lack of confidence

  • School problems

  • Low mood or depression

  • Anger and behavior issues

  • Phobias (fear of dark or public speech)

  • Anxiety

  • Fears

  • Parents separating

With a hypnotherapy program, I will develop a plan for the child or young person, depending on their personal issues. Initially, I need the parent or caregiver to be present for the first session while we deal with consent and talk about goals. For the next sessions the child or young person will decide if they prefer their parent to be present in the sessions or not. Some children prefer parents to stay as that gives them a sense of calm and safety.


I use stories, visualizations, metaphors and hypnotic suggestions, as well as psychotherapy for a light trance (hypnosis) on children. This light trance state is considered by feelings of relaxation, calm, and safety. In this state the child is able to face their fears in a safe way and explore solutions to their problems, changing their perspective or behaviors positively. Children are more open to receive new knowledge and wisdom because they are very suggestible.

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