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 STOP smoking with Energy Healing and Mindful Hypnosis Today!!

Do you feel stuck between wanting to be a healthy, happy non-smoker and feeling the need of cigarettes to cope with the ups and downs of life or stress?
Many people find that they are unable to stop smoking on their own. They have tried different methods of replacement like the patch, e-cigarettes, gum or other drugs only to smoke again.

If you are ready to address the root cause of your desire to smoke with hypnosis you will be able to stop smoking faster, with no unwanted withdraws like feeling irritable, anxious, hand shaking, and gaining extra pounds. With powerful embedded suggestions directly to your subconscious mind you will dislike tobacco and all their derivate products in the market.

Remember: To quit, you have to be ready to quit. If you still want to smoke while you’re quitting, you are less likely to become a permanent non-smoker and more likely to cycle through relapses.

Why you should stop smoking?

  • Save money

  • Get your health back

  • Live longer

  • Sleep better

  • Protect your family

  • Protect your mental state

  • Avoid the smell

  • Breath clean fresh air

  • Take back control of your life

  • Gain Confidence


Health Facts:

After 20 minutes you stop smoking you will notice:

  • Blood pressure decreases

  • Heart rate drop back to normal levels

  • Circulation starts to improve


After 8 hours you stop smoking: 

  • Nicotine levels in blood reduce by half

  • Carbon monoxide levels in your blood reduce by half

  • Oxygen levels return to normal.


After 12 hours you stop smoking: 

  • The Carbon monoxide in your body will return to normal

  • The heart won’t have to pump as hard to get enough oxygen to the body.


 After 2 days: 

  • The lungs will start to clear out mucus and other fragments from smoking

  • The body will be close to nicotine free

  •  Damage nerve endings and start to re-grow and heal.


After 3 days: 

  • Breathing should be easier as your lungs clear out

  • The bronchial tubes inside your lungs start to relax.

  • You may experience growth in your lung capacity. By the end of three days, your body will be 100 percent free of nicotine*


*Based on statistics of Inspira Health Clinic. Results may vary based on variety of factors.

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