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Hypnosis for Spiritual Evolution


Progressive Spiritual Hypnosis is away solving the mystery of life and discovering new ways of walking on Earth with another perspective, with spiritual purpose and high level of consciousness or awareness. As Pierre Teilhard de Chardin words: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience but are spiritual beings having a human experience.”


This progressive hypnosis is suitable for all religions as we all began with God (or the Source). You have chosen to be on Earth to learn and cocreate with the power of your thought, emotions and deeds. We are all on this Earth school to learn the lessons and storage in our heart the elevated emotions of unconditional love, kindness, gratitude, peace, joy, acceptance and reach enlightenment. 


This Earth school is the most powerful for our soul evolution; this planet is the most the most challenging planet in our universe as Dolores Cannon stated. Only the bravest souls are on Earth to help with the evolution of consciousness. 

In order to complete the Earth school, you have to experience everything! From the illusion of separation to unity, from nothing to wholeness. 

Common questions for Spiritual hypnosis vary from client to client and their curiosity to know more about their soul and their hearts ready to receive, comprehend and download new information for their own unique soul evolution. 

Common questions for a curious soul?

Why am I here on Earth?

Who am I?

How can I reach high levels of consciousness and awareness?

How can I experience the love of creation?

How can I enjoy more life of Earth?

How can I meet my galactic family?

How can I unify all fragments of my soul?

How can I heal my holographic DNA?

How can I be more connected with my higher self, spirit guides and source?

Where is my soul coming from?

What is my life purpose?

What is the best version of myself?

What percentage of my soul is on this version of Earth?

What happens after a spiritual hypnosis session:

-You will feel light and will become more aware of your energetic field.

-You will find a more sense of meaning of life and connection with all living beings. 

-You will supporting / boosting the immune system

-You will connect to God / your Higher Spiritual Self and your spirit guides

-You will activate the healing power that is inside of you.

This type of Spiritual hypnosis can be 2hrs to 3 hrs long.  Price $300 CAD

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