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Alcohol and Addictions

An addiction often reflects how you as a person choose to deal with stress and uncertainty and self-esteem. Addictions become when the mind become obsessed with something and that become a central control of attention. It is completely natural to want to feel good and avoid certain stressful and unpleasant situations. There are different types of addictions like alcohol, gambling, sex, drugs and prescriptions like sleeping pills, opioids, etc

The power of the Subconscious Mind

Everyone to some degree or another is addicted to something if something is providing immediate relief to something and provides an immediate feeling of comfort and relief. The subconscious mind runs the show and drives your will and your desires.​

Overcome your addiction with Hypnotherapy​

It will take some time, effort and commitment to overcome your addiction. We begin by looking at your habit and the reasons behind it and taking a look at its consequences in your life. This focuses the mind on the need to change. Then together we’ll set goals. Hypnotherapy helps to boost your motivation and break the old beliefs that kept you stuck.

During the hypnosis therapy you will learn how to relax your body and mind then re-wire your old thoughts, negative patterns and beliefs to reach a state of confidence, patience for delayed gratification, raise your tolerance for uncertainty, to trust in your body intelligence and the ability to transform negative emotions into positive, and provide a better conscious awareness of different choices to feel at peace and ease.

Here are some benefits from breaking free of your addiction:

​Feeling happier and have more joy in your life

· Establish new healthy relationships and activities that gives you joy

· Feeling more positive about yourself, trusting in the body intelligence and boosting your self-esteem

· Increase conscious parenting awareness as you will be a positive influence on your children and others around you

· Saving money, because most addictions are expensive

· Feeling energized, calmer and more balanced, without the constant nagging stress of managing your addiction

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